About Projonmo Wave

Projonmo Wave is a platform on social media that connects with the younger generation of
Bangladesh, showing short films comprising of stories that we see all around us.
Projonmo Wave is the fifth installment of the series “Projonmo.” For the first 3 seasons it was known as
Projonmo Agami, a talk show comprising of celebrities and young achievers coming together to
share their stories to the audience and motivating them. The younger audience loved the program and it was rated by many to be one of the best talk shows ever to be done.
Following the successful 3 season of Projonmo Agami came the introduction of short films known as
Projonmo Talkies. The entire criteria was to create films that touch the heart and puts a question in
the mind of the young audience of if they living up to their own expectations? It was a hit series as well, as
the YouTube Channel shows the amount of subscriber it had.

This year the fifth season Projonmo Wave is here, another short film platform but not the typical one.

In this season acclaimed National Award winner, commercially successful, Prothom Alo award winner, and many other film festival winners will be participating in film making. Likes of Shabnam Ferdausi,Bashar Georgis, Animesh Aich, Badrul Anam Saud and Tanvir Ahsan will be directing the films. A total of 10 films will be directed and it will be premiered on Facebook and YouTube from February 2019 onwards.

Release Dates
Chorabali – Director: Badrul Anam Saud
Story of a young girl, succumb into the pressure of the society turns towards drugs which later turns her away from her parents and life. She wants to repent; can she make a comeback!
MA Calling - Director: Animesh Aich
A young boy in his first assignment of becoming a martyr, planning onto bomb an entire compartment of a train, his inspiration his GURU and his obstacle is his love for his mother. Who will win in this battle? Watch it to know the end.
Uttoradhikar - Director: Shabnaam Ferdausi
A mother’s cry and a father sadness in hearing about their sons new Job Description of being a Killer, a bomber. How will they cope and how will the society react to it?
GhorerBhitorGhor – Director: Tanvir Ahsan
A rift created between young couple due to the wifes new job that places her far more superior designation than the husbands one.Will this rift end? who will sacrifice the husband, wife or the family. Tune into to know the answers.
FERA – Director: Bashar Georgis
The hardship,struggle ,unacceptance of the society and the kind of pain that a family suffers makes his decision to think over again before implementing it . Will he think about his family or will he walk the path of destruction?
Badrul Anam Saud is a wonderful director with renown films that he has now under his belt.Read More
Animesh Aich is a Bangladeshi film maker, actor, director and writer. Famous for TV drama and tele movie maker.Read More
Georgis is a renown face in the short film and telefilm industry he has worked for social causes as well such as directed TV dramas..Read More
Ferdousi graduated from the University of Dhaka. She started her career as a model.In 1996, she joined Zahir Raihan's Film Society.Read More
A young director who burst onto the scene with his different form of short film and telefilms.Read More
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